Tree Stump Removal in North London

We can remove unwanted stumps with powerful stump grinding equipment

Tree stump grinding is the removal of unwanted stumps by use of stump grinding machinery and trained personnel.

We are equipped to remove small to medium sized stumps on your property, and our stump grinder will fit through most modern gates and side entrances.

Our tree surgeons provide competitive stump removal quotes and would be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

Stump Removal Process

The stump will be ground out to a depth of around 2-4ft, destroying the surface roots and ensuring unwanted epicormic shots don’t come back.

It will then be filled in with the stump chippings or another suitable material and compacted to achieve a level and clean surface.

This will always be followed by a complete tidy up of the site and any other requests you may have until you are happy with the works.