Tree Pruning & Reducing in London

Our tree pruning experts and can reduce and shape trees of all sizes by utilising safe pruning methods and techniques

Tree pruning is the reducing and shaping of trees which involves the cutting back of branches, limbs and foliage.

It is an important part of tree maintenance and can be used to regulate the shape and size of a tree, remove dead branches, promote growth and improve the quality of fruit or flowers.

Tree Pruning Methods

There are various types of pruning and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Read the guide below to give you a better understanding of each method.

  • Crown Cleaning – The removal of dead or diseased wood, broken branches, epicormic shoots as well as climbing plants and other foreign objects.
  • Crown Lifting – Lower branches of the tree are removed to raise the crown which increases clearance to the ground level for improved view or light.
  • Crown Thinning – Selected branches are removed to reduce crown density while retaining the overall shape or size of the tree.
  • Crown Reduction – The overall size and weight of the tree is reduced with little to no change in shape.
  • Pollarding – Upper branches of the tree are removed to restrict the overall height and to encourage regrowth at the pollard head.

Tree Pruning to Avoid!

There are many good methods of pruning and they are perfectly fine to carry out but below is an example of bad practice which can lead to trees becoming diseased, dangerous or unsightly.

  • Topping – The complete removal of branches and foliage which can leave the tree open to disease and decay, and weakens the branch structure. This type of pruning should be avoided at all costs and is considered unacceptable practice by many tree professionals.