Tree Felling & Removal in London

Tree felling experts for the removal of dangerous or awkwardly situated trees

Tree felling is the complete removal of a tree all the way down to stump level. This will involve one of two removal processes such as sectional or straight felling.

Sectional Felling

This method involves the dismantling of a tree in sections by the use of rigging techniques to lower branches and limbs down to the ground safely.

Taking a tree down in sections is mainly used where there is risk of damage to property or where there is danger of harm to members of public.

Straight Felling

This method involves felling the whole tree by making a face notch and back cut near the base of the tree and can involve the use of slings and ropes to assist the fall.

A straight fell is usually performed on small to medium sized trees where there is enough space for it to fall and land in a safe and controlled manner.

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